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2020-2021 Budget Slips

The following PDF is a payment slip that should be included in your local church regular district budget payments.  This helps the district office keep accurate record of your contributions to the district ministry fund.

Background Check - District Activities & Involvement

All persons working at our youth and children's camps, district NYI and SDMI events, and those working in any ministry activity involving chaperoning of children/youth, are required to complete a basic background check.  Please download the following form and return it to the district office for processing.

Counselor-Worker Application 2018

All persons wishing to work NYI and Children's Camps must fill out an application and be approved.  Attached is that application.  Please return it to the proper person indicated on the form.

Assigned Associate Pastor Form

Any location church that has full or part-time staff needs to fill out this form and return it to the district office

Pulpit Supply List

There are many unassigned pastors, retired pastors, and lay speakers who are available to fill in for pastors during vacations and sickness.   We've compiled a list of available ministers and speakers.   Please inform the district office should you wish to be added to this list.

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